Remove User Request

Remove User

Security of information is our top priority. Removing a user from accessing Cypress is a multiple step process. Thank you for completing this Remove User form.

  • Requestor Identification

  • Enter your name.
  • Hidden
    Enter your business/campus email address.
  • User being removed from Cypress system

    Provide information about the person being removed from Cypress access.
  • Enter the user's first name.
  • Enter the user's last name.
  • Enter the user's business/campus email address.
  • Enter the Login ID for campus. Should be UW campus ID (NetID, ePanther, Email ID, etc.)
  • Enter the Login ID used for Cypress.
  • Inbox(s)

  • Add inboxes that need to be removed from user access.

    Inboxes are usually UDDSs, such as:

    • • "A" (unit/campus)
    • • "A01" (division)
    • • "A0123" (department)
    • • "A012345" (subdepartment)

  • Tax Information Access

  • Select if user had access to benefits statements or tax document reprints. This access is only given to employees of benefits and payroll offices at the campus and System levels.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.