Error Message E-263.86

The following message means that you need to use the web client or install the new Version 9 of the ASG Cypress Client. Click here for the links and installer. 

Message E-263.86: A hub_prog registration error occurred on hub pipe [43] ‘\\.\PIPE\Cypress\Server\cypress\hub_pipe’ (a dialog version error occurred). This program is the wrong version level to operate with the current DocuVault version level. This program version level is ’21’.  The DocuVault version level is ’25’. The attempted registration will be ignored. This error is usually caused when a new version of ASG-Cypress has been installed on the server, but the new version client components (UI; Web components; Capture drivers) have not been loaded/installed yet. To correct this problem load/install the new matching version client components. Error in function ‘handle_check_svr_info_req’.